Student Fellow Eddie Atkinson

Eddie Atkinson is originally from the UK, has lived in Perth for more than a decade and has a long-standing interest in computers and technology. He is one of those people you feel like you’ve known for years, because he is so friendly and authentic.

He discovered startups at university when a mate took the plunge and has been hooked ever since.

A minor crisis, a double-degree and the Student Fellowship later, he has a job as Software Engineer at Gridcognition, and is doing his Honours on the side. Here’s how he got there.

Part one: West-side story

“I was born in the UK…

A21 Women Fellow Carola Velazquez Silva

Carola Velazquez Silva was born in Mexico, loves figuring out how things work, and has had her dream job in sight since she was four. She also radiates energy, gratitude and optimism.

She relocated from Mexico to Australia in 2014 in search of adventure and new opportunities, and faced a multitude of challenges entering the startup world.

Six years, a bunch of adventures and the Women Fellowship later, she has her dream job. Here’s how she got there.

Part one: When you know, you know

“As soon as I learnt how to talk, I was asking my mum: ‘What should I do if I want to create…

It’s not essential to have a co-founder, but like anything in life, it’s often easier when you have a second set of eyes, or someone to share the load, or whatever cliche you want to employ.

But you need to find the right co-founder, otherwise the relationship will probably cause more problems than it solves.

So, where do you find the perfect co-founder? What traits should early-stage founders look for?

I reached out to five founders in the Startmate family to get some insight.

Rory San Miguel founded Propeller alongside fellow drone-lover Francis Vierboom in 2014. The pair met as…

Muso Co-Founder Alan Jin

Whether armed with a “bunch of qualifying questions”, an MVP, or the Taj Mahal of products, directly speaking with venue managers has been a constant throughout every stage of Muso’s growth.

Or, to put it another way, Muso co-founder Alan Jin has insight in spades when it comes to speaking with early-stage customers and generating early traction.

But I am jumping ahead of myself. Let’s set the scene.

The year is 2018 and Brandon Crimmins and Jeremiah Siemianow are walking up and down Chapel Street in South Yarra, entering venues one by one and speaking with managers, determined to see…

EntryLevel Founder Ajay Prakash

Ajay Prakash was at university many years ago when he spotted a problem on the horizon — one that was inching closer and closer as graduation approached.

The problem? Securing full-time employment at the end of his degree.

A mix of concerned and curious, Ajay started researching whether this was a problem other university graduates were facing too — and what he learnt gave him a purpose that saw him:

First Believer and angel investor Tom Richardson.

On Tuesday, 20th April, Tom Richardson made a post in Startmate’s First Believers Slack channel.

He said he’d just written his first angel cheque, and invited anyone interested in the process to reach out.

Fewer than 24 hours later, the two of us were on a Zoom call — me, with 14 questions at the ready, and him, with investing experience many of us dream about but put in the never-going-to-happen basket.

But Tom, in his own words, isn’t “a conventional angel”. He is risking more of his personal net worth than Jason Calacanis and others like him would recommend…

‘Office Hours’ is just so 2020. This year, we’re trying something newer, bigger, funner, friendlier and it’s aptly named ‘Open House’.

I’ll elaborate. We’re not restricting you to the home office, we want you to sit down in the dining room for a coffee and cookie, and hang out by the fire-pit for a chat too.

Startmate’s Community and Partnerships Associate and resident Kiwi Ryan Walker is the Open House project lead, and in the spirit of efficiency, and ruining everyone’s Monday morning, I decided to spring a little interview on him at the start of our comms planning…

Bronte McHenry

Outreach and Events Associate at Startmate. Formerly SmartCompany. She/her.

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